Board of elections leaders warn voters to be careful when using machines

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- We are almost a week into early voting and many in our area are still heading to the polls.

However, in the past couple of days, FOX8 has received calls and emails about machines possibly malfunctioning.

“We've heard concerns about selecting one candidate and another candidate's name being populated for the selection,” said Kathy Holland, Alamance County Board of Elections director.

“You may not realize it but the pressure point of your finger may be different than what you are intending,” said Charlie Collicutt, Guilford County Board of Elections director.

Holland and Collicutt said the issue of voting machines could simply be chalked up to voter error.

Tuesday, Holland went step by step through the voting process on one of the demo machines.

“The machine has the instructions and it tells you to make the selection in the squares,” she said.

If a voter should inadvertently push here, you noticed it looked like I was voting for Hillary Clinton, but it selected for Donald Trump, but that's because there (your finger) is in an area that shouldn't be voted in,” Holland explained as she tried selecting a candidate.

As you vote, a paper receipt on the left-hand side tracks if you select or deselect a candidate.

“Then after you finish it'll say press here to cast your ballot and then it'll ask you to confirm again,” Holland explained.

The North Carolina State Board of Elections released a statement Tuesday afternoon reassuring voters that machines are recalibrated daily and to be careful when voting.

“We urge all voters to carefully review their selections before casting their ballots, and to immediately report any questions or concerns to elections officials,” said Kim Westbrook Strach, executive director of the N.C. State Board of Elections.