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Nobody seems to know what the ‘UFO’ lights from NC viral video really were

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Nobody seems to know what the mysterious flashing “UFO” lights where from a recent viral video shot in North Carolina.

Chris Hulbert recorded the lights above the Le Meridien hotel in Charlotte and uploaded the footage to YouTube on Oct. 15.

The video appears to show flashing lights, which at one point begin to form some type of triangle.

“I’ve never seen anything like that,” a voice can be heard saying in the video, which currently has more than 437,000 views and was featured in national news articles.

WCNC spoke with several people in an effort to figure out what the lights were. But nobody seems to know.

“We are intrigued by them because we cannot explain them,” said Peter Davenport, director of the National UFO Reporting Center.

The Federal Aviation Administration said there were “no reports of UFOs, blinking lights, or any other unusual phenomenon” on the date the video was uploaded.

“They’re not crash dummies, they’re not swamp gas, they’re not weather balloons — as near as I can tell so there’s something unusual,” Davenport said.

Bretten Smith founded a Charlotte company that builds, designs and operates drones. He told WCNC that the lights appear too high to be drones and they move differently.

His best guess: LED balloons lit off by a wedding.