Hillary Clinton brings large crowds to Charlotte

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made yet another campaign stop here in North Carolina, this time in Charlotte.

Sunday evening, she held a rally on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Clinton hit on a variety of topics from early voting, which recently kicked off in North Carolina, to bringing better paying jobs.

“Charlotte turn out and vote, early vote. Bring your friends, your family,” Clinton said in front the cheering crowd. “We know how to create jobs and to incomes rising because we did it not so long ago.”

For Hannah Halmstiup and her friends, they made the 7,000 mile trip from Denmark to see Hillary Clinton.

“American policy just influences the entire world,” she said.

The group of 40 were at the front of the long line to get into Sunday’s rally at the Belk Plaza on campus.

“Whatever the outcome of the election is for America, it’s important for Denmark and for other small nations like us. I want to hear Hillary fire us up and talk about some strong values,” said Emil Juheli, who was also in the group.

“It has been very exciting to campaign in the different battleground states. That`s why we came,” Halmstiup said.

It was much shorter trip for James and Gloria Holmes, who came to Charlotte from High Point.

“We love Hillary. We’ve been voting for Hillary. We love her and we’ve been to her events. We really hope that she wins the presidency,” Gloria said.

Clinton will be back in the Tar Heel state Thursday in Winston-Salem. She`ll be campaigning with First Lady Michelle Obama.