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TV anchor says ‘check your panties’ after reading script with missing letter

RICHMOND, Va. — When you work with words, it’s important to check, double check and triple check everything you write. One news anchor in Virginia found out what happens if you don’t.

NBC12 anchor Eric Philips was reading the script of a story that involved a rice cooker recall when a typo changed its whole meaning, according to PEOPLE. The script was supposed to read “check your “pantries,” but instead said, “check your panties.”

Fellow anchor Karla Redditte posted about the incident on Twitter, defending him with a picture of the script and a caption that said “One letter makes all the difference. Yes, this was read on air. #checkyourpanties.”

A video of the Ron Burgandy-like blunder was posted on NBC12’s Facebook page and has more than 3,394 shares and 1,900 likes.