GTCC says ‘all clear’ after nearby armed robbery

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UPDATE: Oct. 21 – 10:43

All is clear on GTCC’s High Point campus after officials told students to stay in a safe place while they investigated a nearby armed robbery.

The college posted the “all clear” Tweet Friday morning.

“High Point Campus: All persons on GTCC’s High Point Campus may end shelter in place and resume normal schedule. All clear.”


HIGH POINT, N.C. — Because of an armed robbery in the area, GTCC is asking all students on the High Point campus to get into a safe place and stay inside.

The college posted a warning on Twitter Friday morning:

“High Point Campus :: All persons on HP Campus only should shelter in place inside a locked facility. Armed robbery occurred near campus. Suspect at large.”

GTCC’s High Point Campus is located at 901 S. Main St.