Photo shows NC state trooper helping out baby deer in flooded Kinston

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KINSTON, N.C. – A photo that WCTI posted to its Facebook page on Friday shows a North Carolina highway patrol trooper helping out a baby deer.

“Isn’t this sweet! Even the animals need a helping hand once in a while,” read the Facebook post, which has more than 1,100 shares.

One week after Hurricane Matthew, and the scope of the storm’s aftermath is still hard to fathom.

Gov. Pat McCrory said in a news briefing Saturday morning that two more people died because of the storm, bringing the total to 26.

Both of the two most recent victims — from Cumberland and Wayne counties — were found submerged in vehicles.

Floodwaters from the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew continue to devastate the eastern part of North Carolina, including Kinston, where the deer photo was taken.