Water begins to recede in Lumberton, people try to get to their homes

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LUMBERTON, N.C. -- The water in Lumberton went down significantly Thursday, prompting people to go back to their homes and try to salvage what they can of their flooded belongings.

Orlando and Diana Clausel tried to go to their home, but the water was too high. They were worried about looters breaking into their home.

"We're thankful for the police because the police are keeping out looters and we're and we're so thankful for that," Diana Clausel said.

Many people say the flood was the worst they have seen in their entire lives. There was so much rain, the Lumber River overflowed its banks and then washed out the supports of a railroad track protecting a neighborhood on the South side of Lumberton.

The Clausels say they plan to go back to their neighborhood on Friday and try to get to their home.