Wisconsin man stabbed 7 times over inflatable Vikings decoration

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STOUGHTON, Wis. -- This is an example of a hometown fan taking it way too far.

A Wisconsin man was watching the Minnesota Vikings play the Houston Texans Sunday afternoon when he heard a noise outside of his house, according to WISC-TV. When he walked outside, he found a man stabbing his inflatable Vikings yard decoration with a box cutter.

"He probably thought it was funny, and maybe his buddies thought it would be cool to come slice it up," 36-year-old Dave Moschel said.

Moshel, who felt he had to do something, stepped in and began to wrestle the guy to the ground. But before he could grab the weapon, the 21-year-old suspect began stabbing him.

Moschel was taken to the hospital for treatment of his stab wounds. He received multiple stitches on his forehead and under his eye.

"[The inflatable] is going to get a little piece of Vikings duct tape put on there and it's going to be blown up every day of the week from now on," he said. "I'm still here, still living, still watching football."