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President Obama campaigns for Hillary Clinton in Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- President Barack Obama took the stage before thousands of people at the White Oak Amphitheater Tuesday, campaigning for Hillary Clinton and urging those in attendance to vote.

"All the progress we've made these last eight years is on the ballot,” said President Obama during the rally. “Civility is on the ballot."

Many stood in line for hours or drove for miles hoping to hear a message that would inspire them about the November election.

"Hearing the president say the future of the country is in your hands is a great feeling,” said Tiffany Dayer, a Clinton supporter.  “It's definitely energizing to make us go to the polls."

"I feel energized,” said Sharon Hinkle. “I know for sure who I'm gonna vote for.”

The president laid out his reasons for why Hillary Clinton should be the next commander in chief.

"As a first lady, as a senator, as my secretary of state, she knows what it means,” the president said. “She knows what it takes."

The president was interrupted at least three times by protestors.

But that didn't stop his message from being heard, especially by young people.

"I'm a college student,” said Jasmine Simmons.  “I'm about to graduate in May so that's very important to me, not being burdened down with a bunch of student loans that I have to pay back."

"I think it would be really cool to have a lady president," said Nathalya Daniels, who isn’t old enough to vote and attended the rally with her mother.