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Lumberton evacuees try to cope with devastating flooding

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LUMBERTON, N.C. -- Water is everywhere it shouldn't be in the city of Lumberton. It's covering cars, up to the windshield of an ambulance, blocking the interstate and filling up people's homes. Gov. McCrory advised Tuesday afternoon that people stay away from flooded areas, calling the situation very dangerous.

"Never this high -- it's up to your knees in my mom and dad's house," said Kenneth Lowery, of Lumberton, Tuesday afternoon. "I've been calling it 'The Walking Dead,' you ever seen that show? That's what I've been saying."

More than 1,200 people like Lowery and his family were forced to run from their homes. Many have now wait to get back because countless roads throughout Lumberton are under several feet of water.

"Everything back there is gone," Lowery said as he looked down his street, now covered in water. "Buildings, everything in the buildings, in the house, it's gone."

Like most, Lowery and his family left home in a panic when flood water rose to dangerous levels. The Lumber River reached record highs after torrential rains from Hurricane Matthew. The last observed reading was 24.39 feet on Saturday. Flood stage is 13 feet.

For hours, the family waited for friends to bring a boat and take them to rescue their two dogs and cat and also get some extra clothing. About an hour or so later, Lowery returned with all the animals and arms full of clothes.

Lowery, who grew up in Lumberton, says it's tough to see his hometown in such disarray. "Depressed -- thinking how in the world are we going to get through this? But we are going to get through it baby, we're going to get through it if the good Lord wills we going to get through it."