Hurricane Matthew evacuees flee to Randolph County

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ASHEBORO, N.C. – As of 11:15 p.m. Thursday morning, there were only about 100 hotel rooms available in all of Randolph County.

Tourism officials say people forced to evacuate their homes and vacation rentals are seeking shelter from Hurricane Matthew. Every hotel in Asheboro is booked, many of them through the entire weekend.

"This weekend happens to be sold out and the rest of the week starting next week is starting to be as well," said Shawn Patel, General Manager of the Comfort Inn in Asheboro.

"We had a lot of folks going to Myrtle Beach prior to the storm that stayed with us and then believe it or not, they came right back," Patel added.

Rich Simenc was one of those people. Simenc and his wife drove to their condo in Myrtle Beach this week from Ohio.

They stopped in Asheboro along the way, and then Thursday they were back in Asheboro after the mandatory evacuation.

"Brought all the furniture inside, put towels under the windows to make sure it doesn't leak and lock the doors and that was about it," Simenc said.

Other people at the hotel were fleeing their permanent homes looking for a safer place to stay, like Brenda Campbell who lives in Charleston.

"I really didn't want to leave, none of us wanted to leave our home, but you know we want to be safe, we want to live through it," Campbell said.