Local contractor to fix washed out road, sinkhole in Alamance County — for free

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ALAMANCE COUNTY, N.C. -- A local contractor has stepped up to fix the sinkhole in Alamance County that formed on a private road and the company, which wants to remain anonymous, is doing it for free.

Heavy rains Wednesday night washed out a portion of Tangle Ridge Trail in the northern part of the county leaving residents stranded, unable to get cars across the sinkhole that formed as the roadbed eroded quickly when the water rose.

Tangle Ridge Trail is a private road that isn't maintained by the state or the county and is the responsibility of the 20 or so families who live on it. Repairs to the hole were estimated to be more than $30,000, something this neighborhood would have a hard time pulling together.

Friday morning the N.C. Forest Service brought in some logging bridge mats to create a temporary bridge over the hole so the residents can get in and out until the repairs to the road are complete.