Greensboro starts initiative to educate on curbside trash

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Do you ever notice furniture or even trash outside on the curb? Or maybe you've put items outside of your house to get rid of them.

The City of Greensboro is launching a new initiative aimed at teaching people the difference between "bulk" and "overflow" trash.

They also want homeowners to understand the proper way to put items out for collection.

"We basically, what we refer to it is, 'a house on the curb,'” said Chris Marriott, deputy director of the Field Operations Department. "The biggest problem we have is people not understanding what bulk waste is. Our bulk program is like I said, is for the larger items. Sofas, chairs, mattresses.”

The city started working on the campaign a couple of months ago and Marriott says the confusion on trash happens in not just one area, but throughout the city.

The goal is to get people to put their trash inside the can and place bulk items on the curb on the days of their recycling pick up.

“We've seen full wardrobes -- slacks, shirts still on hangers -- picked up and thrown out on the curb and for us to pick up those items by hand is very time consuming and very costly for our guys. It really puts a kink in their schedule,” Marriott said.

However, the tricky part is actually handing out the $100 fine to those who don't comply.

"But a lot of times its tenants that have left the house or sometimes it is abandoned houses,” Marriott said.

Soon residents will receive a fliers with what to do along with your trash pick-up schedule in the mail.

You can also find that information on the city's website.