Animals a big draw at the Dixie Classic Fair

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Carnival rides, fried food, and fun.

That's what brings most people out to the Dixie Classic Fair every year.

But for many, it's not just about the rides.

Some of the largest crowds at the fair this year are for many of its animal attractions.

Dozens of people sat in the stands for the Hogway Speedway Pig Races.

The group races pigs, goats, and ducks.

It's a fan favorite for many who visit the fair every year.

"We always make it to the pig race when we come," said Ashley Matthews.

The Marvelous Mutts Show is another animal attraction, drawing large crowds.

The act showcases Frisbee and agility dogs along with dock diving.

Just a few feet away from the dogs is the display Big Willie The Alligator.

It's the first time the alligator has been at the fair in about 20 years.

The fair also includes the usual petting zoo and a livestock display.