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A man punched his wife for breastfeeding in front of a male doctor

Rafael Orozco

TAOS, N.M. — Police are searching for a man who punched his wife after she started breastfeeding their newborn in front of a male doctor, the Washington Post reported.

Rafael Orozco’s wife had given birth earlier that day and started breastfeeding their baby girl, exposing herself to a doctor who had walked into her hospital room, according to authorities.

Orozco, 22, punched his wife in the mouth and slapped the infant on the head.

Iesha Hartt told police that her husband is very jealous. called her names after she began breastfeeding their daughter and grabbed her by the throat, leaving scratches on her shoulder area, the report said.

Orozco ran out of the room after being confronted by hospital staff. A security guard caught and restrained him, but Orozco told the guard that he had a gun. He then fled the hospital.