Wife in real-life ‘Fault in Our Stars’ couple dies days after husband


FLEMINGSBURG, Ky. — Less than a week after Dalton Prager, the husband from the real-life “Fault in Our Stars” couple died, his wife, Katie Prager, also passed away.

Dalton died Saturday afternoon at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis and Katie died early Thursday morning, according to LEX18. The couple battled terminal lung disease.

Dalton had been in the intensive care unit for about two weeks before he died while Katie was in hospice in Flemingsburg, Kentucky. The couple was able to FaceTime as Dalton was dying.

After word of Katie’s passing, her family posted an homage on the Dalton and Katie Prager’s Transplant Page Facebook page.

I truly believe Dalton had prepared a place for his wife, just as the pastor talked about yesterday at Daltons service. I am thankful she got to spend time with her family Saturday, as hard as it was after watching her husband pass. She had said she didn’t know if she could go to the family event after that but just as Dalton had given me the strength to get through the last few day, he had given her the strength knowing it would be her last outing. Please pray for the family. Together, they are giving us all strength.

The couple last saw each other on July 16, their fifth wedding anniversary.

Katie’s family set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for her funeral.