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Mother reacts to shooting inside her Charlotte neighborhood

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Laneé Stanley said she moved to Charlotte from Kinston for the safety of her family one month ago. Now she wonders if anywhere is truly safe.

"I was siting in here with my two children -- I heard four to five gunshots," Stanley said.

Stanley said though she didn't know Keith Scott personally, everyone who lives at The Village at College Downs is familiar with his afternoon routine; waiting at the entrance of the community for his children to get off the school bus.

"Your child had to get off the bus -- to hear that his parent was shot down while waiting for you to get off the bus, that makes no sense to me," Stanley said.

As the day went on Stanley said officers continued to push back the crime scene tape, blocking entrance to the community.

"They did not clear the tape until last night maybe about 9:30, 9:45; they took the crime scene tape down but once they took the crime scene tape down the mob blocked Old Concord Road," Stanley said.

Stanley said the protesters that began growing violent were not from her community.

She now has to explain to her children what happened but isn't sure what the correct answer is for her youngest, a 2-year-old.

"I know if I can't understand it at my age then how does a child understands what happened other than growing up to hate the police and be afraid of the police, because they don't know that there's a gray area. That all police aren't bad -- but how do you teach them which ones are?" Stanley said.

She and others within the community want justice for Scott but hope the way in which people are protesting his death doesn't block progress.

"Things can either get better as we go on or thy can get worse and I'm afraid to see what the worse part is," Stanley said.