Families turning to local butcher shops for easy meals

After working a long day, spending hours on dinner may be the last thing you want to worry about.

That’s where local butcher shops are coming in.

People are turning to these decades-old staples for fresh and easy ways to feed a family.

These days, when customers walk into a butcher shop they will still see a variety of meats, but they will also see meals.

Triad Meat Company offers meals to help families simplify cooking.

“It's already broken down to one pound or two pound packs they can put in their freezer, it's ready to go. If they plan their meals they can pull that out in the morning time, have it thawed out, it’s ready to go when they get home,” said owner and plant manager Darren Stevens.

Sharon Ashby, a mom and regular customer, is a big fan of the meal packages.

“Let’s say I’m doing something with ground beef, the ground beef is already packaged. I can just take that out, thaw it, and I just add in whatever sides I’m going to have for the day,” Ashby said.

Chris Ryan, owner and manager of Gate City Butcher Shop & Gourmet Market, says moms are always looking for quick and easy dinner options.

“Every single day. They come to us, they don’t have time to cook, they don’t want to cook,” Ryan said.

Gate City Butcher Shop & Gourmet Market offers meals, but what’s unique here is that the meals are made out of the products there.

“Meatloaf comes from our ground beef. The beef stroganoff is made from our steak tips that come out of the beef case,” Ryan said.

Stevens says one of the advantages of going to a local shop as opposed to a grocery chain is that butchers can also cut chicken and pork whereas grocery stores typically only cut beef.