Puppy found in NC with arrow in neck rescued

MADISON COUNTY, N.C. — A community was heartbroken after a person called animal control officials on Wednesday and reported they found a puppy with an arrow through its neck.

WLOS reports that less than a day after the 1-year-old dog, now named Gracie, was found with the gruesome injury, 18-year-old Bryson Hensley came to the sheriff’s office and committed to the crime.

The teenager confessed to shooting the puppy because it was being annoying and getting into the trash, according to Madison County sheriff Buddy Harwood.

The dog was initially discovered Wednesday afternoon and underwent successful surgery less than 24 hours.

“She got very lucky. It appears that it went through and missed pretty much everything important in the neck and then came out through the top,” said Dr. Aaron Langley with Appalachian Animal Hospital. “I was pretty shocked, you know. I’ve seen a few gunshot wounds and things like that but I have not seen an arrow in a dog yet – so it was a little shocking to see that.”So far, Gracie’s has recovered well.