Greensboro Republicans join campaign to rework or repeal HB2

House Bill 2 graphic

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Two key local Republicans — state Rep. Jon Hardister and City Councilman Tony Wilkins — are asking state legislators to hold a special session to repeal or revise House Bill 2.

Their voices add to a growing chorus of Republicans who say the state law, which limits anti-discrimination protections for gay and transgender residents, is causing more economic fallout than legislators anticipated.

“I support going back into a special session and voting to either make modifications to the bill … or repealing it,” said Hardister, a Greensboro Republican seeking re-election in November. “We have a problem. We can’t deny that. I’m willing to go back and look at it.”

Hardister, who voted for the bill in March, is the third Republican lawmaker to support changing or repealing it after the NCAA and the ACC announced that they would pull championship games from the state as a result of the legislation.

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