Drug dealer allegedly tosses 17 bags of heroin over fence at Denver dog day care

DENVER -- Several dogs are recovering after an alleged drug dealer tossed 17 bags of heroin over the fence at a dog day care in Denver on Tuesday, making several dogs sick and almost killing one.

Police say they saw the suspect dealing drugs, which led to a car chase and the packs of heroin being thrown over the fence, according to KMGH.

In a surveillance video, you can see several dogs flock toward the packets, sniff them and begin chewing on the drug.

A couple seconds further into the video, an employee shows up andĀ picks up the packets.

One dog was rushed to the vet.

"All in all, 17 baggies were found in our playroom, not including the five that the guy tried to swallow," said Bark and Play owner Garrett Bishop.

Police say a suspect linked to the incident is in custody and is facing possible drug charges.

The investigation is ongoing.