Teen ‘Dr. Love’ arrested at Virginia car dealership

STAFFORD COUNTY, Va. — The teenager who made headlines in Florida after posing as a doctor is facing more fraud charges.

WJLA reported that 19-year-old Malachi Love-Robinson was removed from a Stafford, Virginia car dealership after allegedly trying to buy a car.

Employees say the teen brought a 73-year-old woman with him as a cosigner -- while claiming to be the vice president of a company and making $140,000.

Employees' suspicions were raised when Love-Robinson stepped out, saying he was taking a break with the woman.

"He saw a Lexus that he liked,” said Josephina Morris, finance director. “I proceeded to do an application with him, send it over to a couple banks to try and get an approval for him. He also had a co-signer on the loan that was an older woman."

The Stafford county sheriff's office says Love-Robinson has been charged with three counts of fraud.

"When he came, he said it was his mother; the officers were asking him, he switched the story to godmother,” said Manager Mike Hickman.

Love-Robinson was also arrested last month in West Palm Beach. He was charged with grand theft.