Excited Kentucky boy baptizes himself after pastor takes too long

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A 6-year-old Kentucky boy was sick of waiting on the pastor to baptize him – so he took it upon himself to finish the act.

In a beautiful moment, Jordan Warrick was not-so-patiently waiting for his moment to be baptized when he screamed out “I’ll do it” and quickly dunked his head underwater – causing the entire congregation to bust out in laughter.

The video, which was posted on Facebook by Jordan’s father Terence Warrick, has since gone viral and moved thousands of people.

“I just posted it because it was special to me and my family,” Terence Warrick said, according to KABC-TV.

As of Sept. 7, the video has more than 4.9 million views, 28,422 shares, and 231 likes.