Teen says he was chased by clown with knife near bus stop

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A community is on high alert after a high school student reported being chased by someone in a clown mask brandishing a knife.

WCMH reported that it happened Tuesday after the student said he got off of the school bus.

He said he quickly ran to a nearby bus stop. Police say they're now monitoring the area.

"It's very rare, but with social media outlets and movie trailers, you get some people that want to copycat those,” said Sgt. Rich Weiner, with the Columbus police.

“But when they do, they have to understand what might be funny to them can be scary to somebody else. And that's where you bring in the criminal act. If it is a nationwide thing, people have to understand that if you do chase somebody and you have some type of weapon and they do believe their life is in jeopardy, that's criminal charge. They could be charged with menacing or aggravated menacing."

Reports about creepy clowns trying to lure children into the woods have been reported in South Carolina earlier this week.

Earlier this month, there was also a report of a man dressed in a clown suit walking around in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Residents believe he was part of a viral marketing campaign for a new horror movie.

Columbus police say this is the first such incident they've heard about in their area.

They're currently investigating who is behind the incident.