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Southeast North Carolina sees slight aftermath from Tropical Storm Hermine

WILMINGTON, N.C. -- Carolina Beach native Demitri Brown was surprised to walk outside Friday afternoon to see his backyard under water.

“My whole yard was flooded it was like a little lake,” Brown said.

Tropical Storm Hermine ripped through the Carolina Coast Friday evening, just as people rode to the Wilmington area for Labor Day weekend. Some people embracing the storm conditions.

“It was one thunderstorm after another, knocked the car around, it was awesome,” said Wilson Ruth vacationing from Statesville. “Waves were crashing on the beach like crazy, stuff was flying everywhere it was just a lot of fun.”

The aftermath isn’t too bad in southeast North Carolina. Some tree limbs down from large winds and minor flooding left in pockets of the city and surrounding areas.

“Our ground was still soaked and you could see these puddles of water everywhere,” Brown said.

Road conditions were bad for travelers Friday.

“On the side ditches on the way up almost the whole way it was just water,” said Carter Moore vacationing from Asheboro.

In its wake, storm water eroding the sediment under 14th Street in Wilmington by Anne Street causing it to collapse.