Special education teacher, aide accused of hitting students with ruler

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GREENVILLE, S.C. — Two special education teachers are unemployed after they allegedly hit students with a ruler.

Sharieka Glenn said her 10-year-old autistic son Jayden started acting strangely several weeks into the year, according to WPSA.

On Wednesday, she said the principal of East North Street Academy called her and said at least one teacher was accused of ‘inappropriately disciplining’ students.

“After I read the [incident] report, I showed him a ruler that I got in my room,” Glenn said, according to WSPA. “I pulled it out and he instantly just held his hand out like this and started looking scared. And I’m like, you gotta be kidding me.”

The teachers’ names have not been confirmed and no charges have been filed.

Police say there were at least six victims.