Utility workers in Washington find signs of children living in sewer system


FEDERAL WAY, Wash. — Utility workers in Washington were shocked when they discovered evidence that children may have been living in the sewer system.

KIRO reports that workers saw an open manhole in the middle of a street on Friday, so they closed it. They came back later and it was open again.

After the discovery, workers began to investigate and found toys, food and other belongings beneath the manhole cover.

“This should not happen at all,” said Ken Miller, engineering manager with the Lakehaven Utility District, according to KIRO. “This is where all our waster goes from our houses and our businesses.”

The crew was able to make contact with the kids, who were nearby, and they confirmed that they had been staying there.

Miller said the sewer system is dangerous and told the kids to stay above ground.

“No one should be down there … this could have been life and death,” Miller said.