Proposal could limit speed tractor-trailers, other heavy vehicles can go

THOMASVILLE, N.C. -- The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is proposing limiting drivers of vehicles that weigh more than 26,000 pounds. The government is looking at requiring devices on new vehicles that would cap the speed between 60 mph to 68 mph.

"It's a real hot topic right now," said Michael Rangel, an instructor at Cross Country Truck Driving School in Thomasville. Rangel says they support the proposal because of the increase in safety and fuel savings that would come. "A lot of the major companies already have a lot of limitations on the vehicles to save cost and for safety."

Government officials say the move could save thousands of lives and fuel but many independent drivers are opposed, including the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association. A spokeswoman for the group told Fox News they fear limits will create dangerous interactions between vehicles as faster cars slow down for trucks.

California already has a cap of 55 mph while some western states, with wide open roads, have increased the limit. The government will take public comment for the next 60-days, then decide in regulation should be put in place.