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Kids new to NC public schools need physical exam

FORSYTH COUNTY, N.C. -- Kids across the Triad are back on buses, back to their books and back at school. But some kids may have to turn right around if they don't have the proper health forms submitted within 30 days.

"If you had transferred in from home school or private school, the law is going to require you to have a physical exam and you have to submit and provide that by the 30th school day," said Forsyth County Nurse Supervisor Caren Jenkins.

Jenkins says this is the first school year that any student, regardless of age, who is new to the public school system in North Carolina, is required to get a physical exam and fill out a form.

A spokesperson with Guilford County Schools said they are giving this information out to all new families enrolling. If a student doesn't have the proper form submitted by their 30th day of school, they could be suspended.

Jenkins says there are probably a lot of people who don't realize they fall into this category.

"I think the word is not completely out there. I think there will be a lot of parents who obtain this information today," Jenkins said.

The rule has always applied to kindergartners in the state who are also entering the public school system for the firs time.

Shantana Durham was one of the parents who didn't realize she needed a physical for her son and to fill out a form and submit it to her son's school.

There could be many more families like Durham's.

Last year there were 770 students in Forsyth County and 958 in Guilford County who were new to the public school system.

The law also pertains to kids who need updated vaccinations.

To find out which vaccinations are required for each grade, contact your local health department.