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Piedmont star basketball player, blinded by allergic reaction to popular antibiotic at 18, creates new life

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EDEN, N.C. -- In her 25 years, it seems Eden's Macail Martin has lived many lifetimes. The star basketball player's love for the game began when she was 5 years old.

"My mom was my first coach. I just loved it. That's all I did until I was 18," remembers Macail, with a smile.

Macail started every varsity game at her high school, even when she was a freshman. She was her school's homecoming queen. Then, the summer after graduation, everything dramatically changed.

Macail had a sinus infection and after taking a popular antibiotic, had a severe life-changing allergic reaction. Blisters covered her body, her hair fell out. She was in the hospital for months. When she woke up, she learned she was completely blind.

"I was just like, 'Where am I?' I couldn't see," she remembers.

After a few tough years, she decided she had to get it together and create a new future. She went to the Morehead School For The Blind in Raleigh. There, she learned to read, write, work on a computer and use a cane for mobility. She's now in school at Rockingham Community College and shares her love for sports, music and dance with the other students. She dreams of being a radio personality and a motivation speaker.

"Just because I don't have my vision, I'm not paralyzed, I can visualize how to do things," Macail said. "I don't have my sight, but I have my voice and so I just sing, sing, sing."