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Newly-paved Lexington street bumpy, causing problems

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LEXINGTON, N.C. -- Residents who travel along the city's South Main Street have noticed the newly paved street isn't smooth.

"It's been a little rough here lately," said resident James Asbury. "Real rough in some spots."

The road has been repaved twice since 2013 to correct a seal and a rough surface many residents just didn't like.

A few years ago a bike race had to be relocated out of town because the road with a loose gravel top was feared to be unsafe for cyclist. According to city leaders, the Department of Transportation is trying to figure out what is causing the problem so they can correct it.

"I don't know much about asphalt but it seems like they could be smoother than it is," said George Ridenhour who runs a produce stand on South Main Street. "I drive over on my right and try to miss all these bumps. It's so rough in the road we have to get over on the yellow line to try and keep from jarring and damaging your stuff."