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Two shot by off-duty sheriff’s deputy in Chicago’s Marquette Park

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Chicago Police investigate the scene where an off-duty sheriff's deputy shot two alleged gang members who fired at a vehicle in Marquette Park. (FOX 32 Chicago)

CHICAGO — Two alleged gang members were shot by an off-duty sheriff’s deputy in Chicago Sunday night, after they fired at people inside of a car in Marquette Park, FOX 32 reports.

The deputy was eating in his car when he noticed a 15-year-old boy and a 23-year-old man arguing with people inside of a nearby car, according to police. He then saw the two open fire at the car.

The deputy intervened, identifying himself as a police officer to the two. They then turned and pointed their guns at the deputy, who drew his own weapon and shot them, police said.

The teenager suffered a gunshot wound to the leg, and the man was shot in the ankle. They were both taken to a local hospital and are in good condition. No one else was injured in the shooting.

“An off-duty sheriff’s deputy was in the area and observed two males shooting,” sheriff’s office spokeswoman Sophia Ansari said. “He intervened to protect the public.”

Charges are currently pending against the two, who are both documented gang members, according to a police source. The Chicago Police Department is investigating the shooting.