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Innocent Tennessee mother killed in police chase

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MURFRESSBORO, Tenn. — A family is mourning the loss of a mother of two young children who was killed in a car crash Friday.

Through the pain, her family is now questioning law enforcement’s involvement.

The high-speed chase that started in Tennessee Friday. The suspect hit three cars and killed 28-year-old Jessica Campos.

“The reality of it is, is that a family is no more a family,” said Linda Romero, a family friend.

Campos was killed while going to get fireworks for her family.

Her 7-month-old daughter, Kasey, was in the back seat. She was saved by her car seat.

“This should have never happened. This right here should have never happened,” said Mildred Parker, Campos’ mother.

The Campos family is angry that the high-speed chase continued into Rutherford County over what they say was just a stolen car.

“It could have been prevented. There needs to be laws put into effect on police chases and what constitutes what’s right, what’s wrong and what’s going to happen in he middle of a chase. You have got to realize all the people you are going to put in danger,” said Romero.

The suspect, Garieon Simmons, survived the crash and has been charged with vehicular homicide. One other person is still recovering in the hospital.

As of Sunday night, it is still not clear if policy was followed regarding the chase continuing into Rutherford County, but what is clear is a family will never be the same.

“Her coming up and saying, ‘Momma, I love you.’ That’s what I’m gonna miss the most because I’ll never hear those words again, never,” said Parker.