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Meet two of the biggest kinds of porcupines in the world at the NC Zoo

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A new exhibit at the North Carolina Zoo lets visitors stand close to two of the biggest kinds of porcupines in the world.

Cape porcupines are one of the largest of its species.

The two porcupines at the North Carolina Zoo are sisters that have lived  together their whole lives. They're also great friends so you'll most likely see them snuggled up, sleeping together.

Zookeepers say in the wild, Cape porcupines are not nearly as cute or cuddly. When they're agitated and they have their quills up, you will be able to see just how big and scary they can look.

Their quills can stretch 12 to 18 inches long and some porcupines have a little bit of a barb at the end, which helps stick into the end of their unfortunate victims.