United Airlines flight attendant fired after bizarre emergency slide exit

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HOUSTON -- A United Airlines flight attendant was fired after she intentionally opened an emergency slide to exit the aircraft.

A video obtained by KPRC shows Julia Price opening the plane door and inflating the emergency slide after the plane had landed at Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston.

After the chute deploys, a small bag flys out of the door and lands about 15 feet below. Then Price can be see sliding down the chute in textbook fashion.

Price lands, takes a few steps and gathers herself before grabbing the bag she threw down and walking away.

Some passengers on the plane said they didn't realize what had happened because one passenger was having trouble breathing and needed to be escorted off the flight.

"When we landed we were told to stay in our seats as deplaning would take a bit longer,” said passenger, Jonah Vella.

Price's family told KPRC that she has been doing well since the incident and prefers to keep the matter private.