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President Obama’s 2016 NCAA tournament bracket picks revealed

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WASHINGTON — ESPN revealed President Barack Obama’s 2016 NCAA tournament bracket picks on Wednesday.

This will be the last bracket Obama fills out as president of the United States. He will leave office in January 2017.

Obama correctly picked North Carolina to win the tournament in 2009 — his first year in office. However, he hasn’t picked a winner since.

In this year’s bracket, Obama selected the Kansas Jayhawks to win. This is the third year during his presidency that he has picked Kansas to win it all; he also picked the Jayhawks in 2010 and 2011.

Obama’s Final Four has Kansas knocking off Texas A&M and North Carolina defeating Michigan State before meeting in the final on April 4.

The president only had one big upset in the first round, selecting his home state, Hawaii, to knock off California in a 13-4 seed matchup.