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Local married couples explain what it’s like to also be business partners

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Marriage is a big commitment, but that goes to another level when couples not only say “I do” to each other but also to being business partners.

Steve Snyder and Mariea Snyder have been married 17 years and are co-owners of Tiger Rock Martial Arts in High Point.

“There wasn't much of a honeymoon. We got married and we came right back and started running the business,” Steve Snyder, said.

They admit, in the beginning, being partners in life and in business was hard to balance, but to make it work -- they learned to give each other space.

"We have to keep things separate so we're not stepping on each other’s toes all the time. He has things that he's really good at and I'm not as good at and vice versa,” Maria Snyder said.

“We found our areas and we learned to assist, but not step on,” Steve Snyder said.

Balance is what works for Rouben Keshguerian and Berjouhi Keshguerian.

They have been married for 30 years and own and manage two East Coast Wings & Grill restaurants along with a family embroidery business.

“Because it's family run and our kids are involved as well, it’s a more cohesive relationship,” Berjouhi Keshguerian said.

The Keshguerians are seldom at the same location together. Typically, one is operating the Greensboro store while the other is running the High Point location.

Although the job is demanding, they say the team work aspect has strengthened their marriage, especially when it comes to communication.

“We get home and I find myself asking her a lot more often ‘how has your day been’,” Rouben Keshguerian said.

“Because we're in the same business there is a lot more communication not only about the businesses,” Berjouhi Keshguerian added.

Both couples say another advantage is that they have the same schedule which allows them more flexibility for family time and to schedule vacations.

Berjouhi Keshguerian recently left a corporate position to be part of the family businesses full-time.

"I see more of them now than I did when I was working outside of the company,” she said.

Both couples emphasize that the pros of working together outweigh the cons.

"It is exciting. All the things that we've done and accomplished together,” Mariea Snyder said.