‘Anonymous’ hacker from the Triad explains how group fights ISIS

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KERNERSVILLE, N.C. -- Deric Lostutter is a self-proclaimed Anonymous hacker, who gained national attention after claiming responsibility for exposing the Steubenville, Ohio, rapists; something which he could still face significant jail time for.

Since, he has opened a cellphone and PC repair shop called TechAssist in Kernersville, where he also specializes in cyber investigation and security. Although he is no longer anonymous, he still claims to be a member of the group.

“Where we’re a structure-less, leaderless organization so to speak, I’m a member, you’re a member, your daughter, your sister, your pastor,” Lostutter said.

While Lostutter may repair cellphones by day, he uses his spare time to fight the ISIS terrorist organization.

“The fact is, ISIS can recruit people anywhere, and by disrupting their communications, we make that a little bit harder,” he said. “They’re fearless, and that’s the hardest enemy to hurt, is the ones that aren’t afraid of dying.”

Lostutter’s tactics are relatively simple. One avenue he takes to harm ISIS is by hindering their social media correspondence.

“I consider myself a Constitutionalist, so to speak. So, if you’re messing with the Constitution, you’re messing with the rights of people, social injustices and stuff, that’s what catches my attention,” Lostutter said.

Lostutter does this by creating a “throwaway” Twitter account. He then implements a program which automates reporting of certain accounts to Twitter.

“Someone liking the ideology, or someone promoting the ideology,” Lostutter said, of the targeted accounts. “It fights their way of spreading their extremism.”

Lostutter said the group also uses tactics like going after ISIS’ pride.

“We hacked them and replaced their ads with Viagra ads, and that happened last week,” he said. “It’s not only effective, but it’s fun at the same time.”

Lostutter says ISIS has taken notice of the group’s efforts and is trying to outsmart them.

“They decided to move to the dark web, ISIS did, to try to avoid Anonymous. Well, that’s like, you’re just living in our basement now,” he said.

Lostutter said the ultimate, yet difficult step, would be to hack how ISIS gets funding.

“Whenever you defund ISIS, or get rid of their methods of communication, then what are they doing besides sitting there in the sand,” he said. “If we all work together towards a common goal, that goal can be achieved.”

FOX8 reached out to Twitter for comment on the accounts in question, but at the time this article was written, had not received a response.