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Man stops masked man with knife from robbing Stokesdale pharmacy

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

STOKESDALE, N.C. -- A civilian stopped an attempted robbery at a Stokesdale pharmacy on Wednesday morning.

Pharmacy owner April Duggins said a masked man with a knife threatened her for cash around lunch time Wednesday.

The husband of an employee at Crossroads Pharmacy happened to be in the parking lot and noticed the man walking into the pharmacy.

"He was trying to get in the pharmacy. He was messing with the gate here, rattling trying to get the gate open. It happened very quickly. Her husband was coming in to meet her for lunch and just jumped him from behind," Duggins said.

The husband has chosen to remain anonymous, but Guilford County sheriff's deputies are glad he was there.

Maj. Jonathan Jacobs with the Guilford County Sheriff's Office said deputies already had a plane in the air searching for break-in suspects and used those resources along with witness information from a neighbor to track down the suspects, Michael Anthony Milliner, 34, and Genie Flynt Wilson, 31.

"It is unusual. We don’t suggest that you get involved in this and take action; however, [the husband] is my newest best friend. He certainly helped us with a robbery and did a great job. But my words would be: Don’t try it because it could go south any minute," Jacobs said.

Duggins said she is happy no one was hurt but was discouraged when she found out who the suspects were.

"We knew them; we see them regulary and it's just tough to know that they're your customers," Duggins said.