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Wyndham Championship rules and regulations

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- For over 10 years, Mike Ebel has been the head of security for the Wyndham Championship in Greensboro. But this year will be different than all the rest.

"We are happy to have Tiger Woods. We added a little staff. Everyone will be screened. We have a wand and we will check for items you shouldn’t be bringing on site,” Ebel said.

Items like radios without headphones, coolers, banners and large bags are not allowed. But clear bags are welcomed.

"We need to see into it. We need to see what you are bringing on,” he said.

The Wyndham has areas where people can talk on their cellphones. Outside of designated areas, phones must be silenced. Also, when tournament play begins on Thursday, picture taking will not be allowed.

"We do have mobile device people that will remind you nicely, don’t take a photo. And we have the other side, sheriff’s deputies that will be forceful if we need to," he said.

A complete list of dos and don'ts can be found here.