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Country singer Daron Norwood dies at 49

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HEREFORD, Texas — Officials are investigating the death of country singer Daron Norwood, whose body was found in his Hereford, Texas, apartment on Wednesday, police said. He was 49.

According to a police department statement, officers and medical personnel responded to a call to Norwood’s apartment, where he was found dead in a bedroom.

Police said there were no signs of foul play.

Norwood’s debut single, “If It Wasn’t for Her, I Wouldn’t Have You,” came in 1993, with the follow-up, “Cowboys Don’t Cry,” the next year. Both reached country music’s Top 30 chart.

A 2002 Country Weekly story described the singer as a “Texas preacher’s boy who came to Nashville in 1988 and slept in his truck for three years before scoring his mid-’90s hit.”

In the article, Norwood talked about the drinking problem that led him to quit the industry in 1995 and about founding Keep It Straight, an anti-drug, alcohol and violence program for young people, in 1997.

“I didn’t quit on life,” Norwood told Country Weekly. “But I quit the bus, I quit the band, I quit the record deal, quit the shows, the alcohol, the drugs. I quit it all with a phone call to my then-manager saying, ‘I’m done. And I do mean done – with it all.'”