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Black bear falls asleep on lawn after eating 20 pounds of dog food

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SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. — A black bear in Florida is living proof that just about everyone has experienced a food baby before.

Over the weekend, a homeowner found a huge black bear asleep in her backyard.

Bob Cross told WFTV he usually gets calls from neighbors to catch critters, but this one was a lot bigger than most of the ones he deals with.

When Cross got to the woman’s backyard he knew he was no match for the huge black bear.

He snapped a few photos of the bear and its dinner, a 20-pound bag of dog food that it had taken from a nearby garage.

Cross said he watched the bear toss and turn for a few minutes.

“(It) repositioned three or four times and stretched out. It just laid there,” he told WFTV.

A neighbor put the bear’s leftovers back inside the garage in hopes that it wouldn’t return.

Cross said he hopes none of the neighbors shoot the bear when the hunting season begins on Oct. 1.