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Guilford County residents clean up day after severe storm

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- It's the day after the storm and people still have days of cleanup ahead in Guilford County.

Tuesday evening's storm was quick, powerful and for many homeowners -- memorable.

Downed trees, broken branches and cracked ceilings are just a few problems homeowners are facing. Many of them say it's too early to figure out how costly the damage will be.

"I never thought I'd end up having to rake up leaves in the dining room or the den," said homeowner Rahlo Leonard.

The damage is so extensive in some places in High Point that homes are unlivable -- some people living on Hickswood Road were among those who have had to find temporary living arrangements.

In High Point, city crews responded to about 50 requests to remove storm debris. In Greensboro, city crews responded to about 30 requests.

High Point officials say homeowners can place storm debris near the side of the road, such as branches and limbs, and the city will pick it up this week and next week.

On Thursday, hundreds of Duke Energy customers were still without power. Power issues have since been restored.