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3 Piedmont restaurants make list of ‘unforgettable dining experiences’ in NC

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Three Piedmont eateries made a recent list of restaurants in North Carolina that are said to be “unforgettable.”

The list, published on Monday by Only In Your State – North Carolina, is titled “14 Unique Restaurants In North Carolina That Will Give You An Unforgettable Dining Experience.”

“All of these 14 unique dining experiences are a must-try AT LEAST once in North Carolina!” the list claims.

Coming in a No. 2 was Little Richard’s Lexington BBQ, located at 4885 Country Club Road in Winston-Salem.

“Tobacco advertising is safe to say ‘banned’ throughout the country, but Little Richards still embraces Winston-Salem’s heritage. Besides serving delicious BBQ, stepping into Little Richards is quite like stepping back in time. Each advertisement is unique, vintage, and adds to the relic charm of this restaurant.” – Only In Your State

At No. 8 was The Tavern in Old Salem in Winston-Salem, located at 736 S. Main St.

“2015 can get oh so boring. Step back in time at Old Salem Tavern. Servers dressed in period-piece attire makes for a simply unique dining experience.” – Only In Your State

At No. 11 was the Hillbilly Hide-A-Way Restaurant, located at 4365 Pine Hall Road in Walnut Cove.

“This amazing restaurant is one of the best kept secrets in North Carolina. You really can’t go wrong with ‘home-trained’ cooks. Maybe I just spilled the beans, but this one-of-a-kind dining experience must be experienced…well ONCE!” – Only In Your State

Asheville’s Double D’s Coffee and Desserts topped the list, with Only In Your State calling it a “quirky experience right in the heart of Asheville.”

To check out the full list, click here.