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Local attorney says hate crimes are hard to prove in NC

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ELON, N.C. -- As the investigation of the deadly shooting of three UNC students continues – the father of two of the students killed say it was a hate crime.

But North Carolina does not have a hate crime law, only a racial intimidation law.

One local attorney with a background in racial profiling cases says hate crimes can be hard to prove. That’s because you have to convince a jury of a motive or a history of racial or religious bias.

Though proving a hate crime can be difficult – prosecutors say it's important that the federal government investigate for the sake of the family and Muslim community.

“The federal government in my opinion needs to investigate whether or not hate crime took place to say to the Muslim community, we will not allow people to commit these hate crimes against Muslims,” said Marty Rosebluth, an Elon University Professor of Law.

The FBI is currently looking into the suspect's computer to try and find any evidence of racial bias.