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210 homeless, no open homeless shelter in Rockingham County as cold snap hits

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ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, N.C. -- With cold weather expected in the Piedmont over the next few days, many are trying to find ways to help the homeless escape from the cold.

But in Rockingham County, that’s not easy to do, being that the Home of Refuge Outreach, the only temporary shelter in the county, doesn't open for another month.

Right now, there are 210 homeless people throughout the county.

Until the temporary shelter opens on Dec. 17, many of the homeless are sent to shelters outside the county or have to sleep in the cold.

County leaders have been holding concerts and fundraisers to raise money for a permanent shelter -- which some hope will be the start to ending homelessness in the county.

The proposal for a permanent shelter will go before county commissioners by the end of the month.

On Nov. 15, the county will host the “Rock the Voice” Talent Contest at 6 p.m. Proceeds go the temporary homeless shelter.

Donations to the temporary shelter can be sent to Home of Refuge Outreach Inc., P.O. Box 4370, Eden, NC 27289.