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‘Sasquatch for Sale: Death, DNA and Duplicity’

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“Trust me on this one.”

That’s what you hear from many Bigfoot hunters who insist Sasquatch is real, but not from Mike Greene.

Greene spent a career as a fraud investigator in New Jersey and brings that same skepticism to his hunt for Bigfoot. Oh, he’s convinced Bigfoot exists – says he’s seen him, himself, twice. But Greene understands that until we have proof that everyone can see, it’s just a fun story.

And Mike Greene thought he had just that, when a trusted friend called him not too long ago and said two hunters in California shot two Sasquatches and had their DNA tested which came back 80 percent human and 20 percent… who knows what?

But the claim of having part of the Sasquatch body for DNA testing turned out to be false and the claim that it was tested and turned up 80/20 was a hoax.

That’s where this edition of the Buckley Report picks up the story one told in its entirety, in Mike Greene’s new book, “Sasquatch for Sale: Death, DNA and Duplicity.”