Burlington man intends to eat — a lot — after winning Olive Garden’s ‘Never Ending Pasta Pass’

BURLINGTON, N.C. -- A Burlington man is one of 500,000 people who tried to 'win' a "Never Ending Pasta Pass" from Olive Garden.

Not only did Roger Alan Martin win one of the 1,000 passes -- he bought it for $100 -- he happens to conveniently live within walking distance to the Burlington Olive Garden.

"I intend on eating there twice a day for the 49 days the pass is good for -- and will attempt to eat 100 free dinners," he said.

The pasta pass is valid for all the pasta -- complete with toppings such as chicken and shrimp fritta -- salad, bread and Coca-Cola drinks a person can consume during seven weeks. The pass begins Sept. 22.

The pasta pass -- a PR stunt by Olive Garden -- comes with a few limitations. Customers are not allowed to share the pasta with others at the tables.

Martin says he's content with his own share -- and isn't worried about possible weight gain.

"I am willing to gain 30 pounds to collect $1,500 dollars in free dinners," he said.



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