Residents hope national program can help lift people out of poverty

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Residents are hoping the success of a national program will help lift those who want out of poverty here in the Triad.

“The success rate is just unbelievable,” said Lyn Boyd who is helping start the program Circles in the city.

The program is based around a group of people coming together, using the many people they know, to help someone or a family living in poverty.

“All of us have networks, the circle leaders are the guiding force,” she said. “A Circle ally or people who want to help come with a network of people they probably don't even realize too.”

The help can be finding a better job, transportation and better housing.

The start of the program comes the same month the Brookings Institute listed all of our start's major cities, including Winston-Salem, as some of the fastest growing when it comes to poverty in our country.

“I've been in poverty and I have family that's still in poverty,” said Crystal Rook of Winston-Salem.

Rook says she is proof the principals of the Circles program works as a small network of people helped open doors for her to attend college and get out of poverty.

“[Poverty] really feels like you are running in circles, it's like you will never come out of it. But you can,” she said.

Anyone interested in getting involved can visit