Warrants reveal new details in Maggie Daniels’ murder

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Sharman Howard Odom is a suspect in connection to the homicide of 31-year-old Maggie Daniels.

NEWTON, N.C. — The Catawba County District Attorney has filed a motion to seek the death penalty against the man accused of killing a popular Newton teacher.

Sharman Howard Odom was indicted two weeks ago in the death of 31-year-old Maggie Daniels.

Daniels’ body was found inside her apartment on June 28.

Warrants unsealed by a judge Thursday revealed that there were marks around Daniels’ neck suggesting she was strangled in her bedroom and that several dark colored curly hairs were found between her fingers — which not appear to be consistent with any of her head or body hair.

DNA swabs were taken from numerous parties except Odom, who refused, saying he “did not trust law enforcement.”

A bottle of “scrubbing bubbles” with bleach was located at the crime scene, which the warrant states was possibly used to clean the victim. Odom is a known car detailer and has cleaning chemicals in his work vehicle by his own admission.

WSOC reported that Odom is also a person of interest in a rape case fom December 2012, where the victim stated that a black male held a rag over her face which had a chemical smell. Odom lived in the same complex as the victim at the time of the event, the warrant states.

Prior to the warrants, investigators revealed some of what was discovered in Odom’s apartment, including a lock of his hair in a shoebox in his closet and ‘selfies’ on his iPhone showing scratches on his face the day Daniels’ body was found.

Odom has been charged with first degree murder, first degree sexual offense and first degree kidnapping.

The motion for a Rule 24 hearing was unsealed at the Catawba County courthouse early Thursday morning.

The motion stated, “the State submits there is evidence to support the existence of one or more aggravating circumstances. The State is seeking the death penalty in the event the defendant is convicted of First Degree Murder.”

An official date has not been set for the hearing.

Source: WSOC